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"Due to Covid-19 we are currently experiencing delays with our deliveries thru our distribution partners, Product levels are high and SupaSnax will dispatch your order in a timely manner,  but will take up to 10 days for your delivery to be processed by our carrier due to unprecidented volumes.  We are sorry for the inconvenience but totally out of our control."

Vital SupaSnax is a supplier of 100% Natural and Healthy Dried Dog Treats.

Vital SupaSnax products are a safer, healthier and a more rewarding form of treats for your dog's health.

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to treat your dog, try the Vital SupaSnax range of naturally dried dog treats.

SupaSnax Treats are high in protein and low in fat.  Completely  100% free of  artificial additives , preservatives  and colours and not to mention all Australian made from locally sourced products.



Vital Supa Snax

Vital SupaSnax products are air dried  to perfection and perfectly safe for all dogs.  Our products are air dried in temperature controlled rooms, never heated above 60 degrees, meaning there is no breakdown in protein and loss of nutritional value.  

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Max, a beautiful Supasnax dog!
Max, a beautiful Supasnax dog!
Jack, a happy Supasnax dog!
Jack, a happy Supasnax dog!

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